Web Services

We speak geek

  • Our roots are in software engineering and we take pride in our coding expertise. You're not a machine and neither are your customers, so why have a robot generate your website?

    We create and manage sites in several styles. Do you need e-commerce or a blog? We have expertise in user-friendly platforms like WordPress and Shopify. Or, for absolute customization, we can invent something completely unique using “pure code.” The choice is yours.
  • Because every site is different in design and scope, please contact us for pricing estimates.
  • Our web services include:
    • Web Site Design & Construction
    • Web Application Development
    • Hosting Setup
    • Domain Registration and Transfer
    • Database Development
    • Ongoing Site Maintenance
    • Content Writing
    • Mobile-Friendly Redesign
    • Traffic Analytics and Insights
    • Existing Site Repair
  • When we develop in “pure code,” we combine HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. It enables sites to be fast-loading, incredibly customizable and infinitely adjustable.
  • On the other hand, sites developed in WordPress or Shopify can be updated by users with very little website experience. They feature a range of useful plugins (for blogs, e-commerce, etc.) and a wide number of themes to modify appearance.
  • Is there a solution that combines the benefits of both? You bet. At Five Towers, we have the knowledge and proven techniques to customize the code that drives WordPress sites. That means we can go far beyond the typical user interface to produce sites that are easy to manage and still keep your unique design and brand.
  • Not sure? Talk to us!
A person holding a telephone receiver with speech bubbles containing snippets of computer code.
At Five Towers, we're experts in translating “Web to English,” helping you make sense of the virtual world.

Reach your customers on any device.

A person holding a mobile phone and leaning against a giant monitor
You may not always notice all the screen sizes that are out there. But we make sure your site looks good at any size and ratio.

Scalable Pages That Look Good Anywhere

  • So many screens! Not long ago, your customers had one monitor the size of a microwave oven. Web design was one-size-fits-all. But now? Holy moly.
  • A focus on Quality. We test your content and layout on a huge variety of screens -- beyond just Windows, iOS and Android. It's true that Chrome is king right now, but that doesn't mean we ignore the little guys. We ensure your site is consistent through any device and software configuration.
  • Stay relevant. Mobile devices now account for well over half of all internet browsing. Google's search engine even prioritizes your mobile layout over your desktop layout. Traditional desktop designs are still important but most of your customers are now seeing your site on a hand-held.
  • One bar? No problem. Our pages flex for smaller screens, reducing data overhead and prioritizing what's really important -- your content.
  • We also make sure every site we build is classified by Google as "mobile-friendly." Without it, your search engine rank will be significantly lower than it could be.
  • Don't get buried on page 2. Talk to us today about optimizing your site for mobile browsing.