Logos and Brand Services

Enhancing Your Brand

  • We got into the business of designing logos for a simple reason—we love it. Creating an eye-catching logo takes a combination of artistic skill and mathematical precision, which is exactly why it's so fun for us. What started many years ago as a hobby has turned into a profession where we can significantly increase brand awareness for our small business clients.
  • Get noticed. We're here to help your customers spot you anywhere. Your logo should be bold and memorable no matter where it appears. But it doesn't end there. It's also important to have consistency in both scale and color to avoid your logo looking warped, stretched or washed out. That's where we can help. By presenting your logo in the best possible formats, we avoid those common pitfalls.
  • We've designed logos for many types of industries, including:
    • Contracting & Construction
    • Non-Profit
    • Government
    • Writing & Publishing
    • Information Technology
    • Consulting
    • Agricultural
    • Food Service
    • Automotive
    • Health & Wellness
A series of 5 logos that were designed by Five Towers Design Company.
We've created logos for all types of industries.

For screens and for print.

Vector images that scale to any size

  • A raster image, like a PNG, JPG or GIF, starts to lose quality when it's stretched beyond its original dimensions. We've all seen images that are too "pixel-y," and it's ugly. A vector image, on the other hand, is built to scale. It can be as small as a business card or as large as a billboard. Consistent in every format, precise in every detail. Vector images are where we excel.
  • Be more than just a face in the crowd. How does your logo stand out? Does it set you apart from your competitors? Does it still look as bold in a single color? There are many factors that go into logo design, and we're here to help create the best possible design for you and your business.
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A series of 5 logos that were designed by Five Towers Design Company.
More examples of our logo design.